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Exclusive: Hear Singer-Songwriter Devin Sinha’s Folk Jam “Call The Mountains Down”

Devin Sinha by Kindra NikoleWhen Devin Sinha was in high school, he was pulled towards music with an almost magnetic force, setting him up for a future that would involve three full-length albums, touring at festivals around the country, and penning relatable tracks that reflect his nomadic, wanderlust-like lifestyle. His upcoming record, Our Past And Present Futures, releasing February 5th, blends obvious folk and country influences with undercover contemporary and rock elements, as pronounced by the opening track, “Call The Mountains Down”.

A ground-shaking, mountain-jamming song, “Call The Mountains Down” encompasses everything that Seattle-based singer-songwriter Sinha has carved as his musical personality: vast, orchestral instrumentation, throaty vocals, rich harmonies, and old-fashioned rhythms. Though the track begins with a dark classical piece, it continues on the other side of the spectrum, as it quickly dives into fast-paced folk twang and eerie vocals. With small doses of modern music hiding behind larger-than-life cultural rhythms, “Call The Mountains Down” is timeless, acting as both a present-day folk track enjoyed at an indie festival and an old-timey mountain song from a small town with rolling halls and 24-hour taverns. Devin Sinha does not plant his guitar in one place. Instead, he merges cultures, combines genres, and reworks his own talents to create music that most often transports you to the past but endures to the future.

Listen to “Call The Mountains Down” below and pre-order Our Past And Present Futures:

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