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Exclusive: Jon Patrick Walker Offers Up Some Advice With His New Track, “Hideous Monster”

jon patrick walkerJon Patrick Walker has had a long and impressive career as an actor in many media, appearing in film, television and on-and-off Broadway productions. In 2006, Walker portrayed Bruce Springsteen in the rock musical High Fidelity, and later in 2010 portrayed John Lennon in Alarm Will Sound’s 1969 at Carnegie Hall. Now, Jon Patrick Walker has taken on a new role as a singer/songwriter. His debut album, The Guilty Party, was released in 2013, and his follow-up effort, People Going Somewhere, will be released this year. It will be based in rock, blues and folk, but Walker promises that the work will seep into other genres as well. The album was recorded in Brooklyn, where Walker plays yet another role- husband, and father to two kids.

“Hideous Monster,” the first single from his upcoming album, combines folk with aspects of psychedelic rock. Walker juxtaposes electric guitar riffs and airy vocals. His drawn out vocals are the main focus of the song, with moment’s highlighted by electric guitar. The song is an exploration in finding who you are, and not caring about what others think. Walker offers sage advice, “So just live, because your life is your own… you gotta make your own way.” Walker is clearly comfortable in his skin, but he sings an offer of hope to the listener, “I hope you find your way eventually.”

Check out “Hideous Monster” below.

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