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Exclusive: Rock On With Gary Douglas and His Band “Out On The Highway”

Gary DouglasGary Douglas may have strayed a bit off the musician’s path for a while, picking up a law degree along the way, but he is a rock n roller through and through– and don’t you forget it. Making up for lost time, Douglas poured out heart and soul on a doozy of an album, Keepin’ Faith, released in spring of 2015. Blending rock with country, blues and even some Americana, Douglas and his band strive to make music that “kicks that chair out from under you, cranks up the volume, slams out a beat like punches to the gut and dredges its message from the deepest passions singers and listeners can bear.”

That’s why it’s fitting that his recent music video for “Out On The Highway,” premiering today, is cut from live footage of a performance he gave at New York City’s Rockwood Music Hall this past October. This gives the song a raw edge, filled to bursting with powerhouse vocals, from both Douglas and his backup singers. Interchanging solos on guitar and keys add a dash of spontaneity, well received by the swaying, cheering crowd. For being relatively new to the game, Douglas seems perfectly at ease and in command front and center.

You can check out Douglas and his burning hot band when they make their way back to Gotham on Wednesday, 1/13 at the Cutting Room’s Light Of Day Festival  (click for tickets) and Saturday, 1/23 at the Bowery Electric (click for tickets).

Check out “Out On The Highway” below, and pick up a copy of Keepin’ Faith today.

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