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Exclusive: Shakey Graves Rocks His Hometown In His Austin City Limits Debut

Shakey Graves by Scott Newton
Shakey Graves by Scott Newton

Now that it’s 2016, Austin City Limits is showing no signs of slowing down. For the New Year, the historic concert series has recruited still more stellar artists for their line-up, including Elmore darling, Shakey Graves. This episode was dubbed the “songwriters special,” featuring Shakey Graves alongside another indie powerhouse, Ryan Adams.

Each taking over the stage for half of the performance, Grammy Nominee Adams went deep into fan favorites, including tracks from his 2000 solo debut, Heartbreaker, and 2002’s Demolition.

Below, you can exclusively check out a clip from the evening that didn’t make the special, but is a barn-stomper none the less. With his signature suitcase kick drum and a proper Texas ten-gallon, Alejandro Rose-Garcia, better known by his stage name Shakey Graves, is in fine form for his hometown show. Garcia was recently dubbed the Best Emerging Artist at 2015’s Americana Music Awards, and watching this clip of “Built To Roam,” it’s no mystery why. He cuts a handsome figure, with a rich, sweet gravel to his voice, and seems to relish in the audience’s rapture.

Part of Season 41, the episode will premiere on PBS Stations this Saturday, January 16th at 8pm CT/9pm ET.

Check out “Built To Roam” below.

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  1. I’m not sure what the heck is going on but I must have been under a rock and then I just happened to be watching the tube and my dreams came true. this kind of different guy is in Austin Texas ripping out real Texas music I mean tearing II aclimits.i can tell that the guy is a real Texan playing real Texas music. I Knew that he was from Texas and buddy this is a goofy looking musician kicking a drum and a tambourine while just rocking like there is no tomorrow and I am loving it. down here in Corpus Christi the best of Texas rock and roll. .This is a man to be reckoned with in the music world. I am loving it so much that I could not sleep all night..Texas born and raised and playing real Texas music. Way to go Shakey.