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Exclusive: Anton Kellner & The Lone Stars Share “Losing Your Blood” Off Upcoming Release


Coastal California’s Anton Kellner (who performs with his band the Lone Stars), will release his latest album, Understand, later this month. It will be a follow-up to Kellner’s successful 2014 debut album, You Were The Fire. Since then, he has landed three successful PR campaigns, extensive tours along the California coast, two music videos, and plenty of noteworthy musical collaborations.

Today, Anton Kellner and the Lone Stars share “Losing Your Blood” off Understand, which is set to be released digitally on February 26th.

Kellner has said that “Losing Your Blood” may be his favorite song on the album. “I’m the sap that loves all things depressing and let me tell you, this song is DEPRESSING. It’s about knowing someone for a really long time and then growing distant. Sometimes we all try to hold on to memories and people from the past, just because of how they were (not what they have turned into). It’s about the struggle of letting go, moving on, and then telling the tale.”

Check out “Losing Your Blood” below.

-Brenda Hillegas




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