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Exclusive: Ashleigh Caudill Knows It’s Okay to Break the Mold of Life’s Milestones on “Living on the Countryside”

Ashleigh Caudill by Scott Simontacchi
Ashleigh Caudill by Scott Simontacchi

“Everyone is coupling up,” Ashleigh Caudill sings in her new song “Living on the Countryside”. Everyone is growing up, getting married, having babies…but sometimes that doesn’t happen for some people. This is a song for the free spirits out there who haven’t settled down yet or just don’t want to.

Now a resident of Nashville, Caudill’s life is an adventure and there are similarities in the songs she sings. She has a sweet voice that pairs nicely with her banjo playing and storytelling. The songs on her upcoming release, Looney Bird, out April 1st, share tales of love, hope, and adventure. She’s a promising voice in Nashville’s music scene, but her bluegrass sounds will please the ears of music lovers everywhere.

Listen to “Living on the Countryside” below. Caudill says of the song: “You reach a certain age when your peers are going through specific milestones in life. After college, people get new jobs, move to new cities. They buy houses. They start getting engaged and married. Then you start getting those baby announcements. Not everyone fits the mold and that’s okay! Love and success can have pretty broad definitions and the world is beautiful place to be! I wrote this with that in mind. I was living out of my van for a few months during the winter in Northern Colorado playing up and down I-25. After I finished the song I made a quick video to share online. It really seemed to resonate with a lot of people so I had to keep playing it and put it on the album.”

-Brenda Hillegas

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