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Exclusive: Get Wild With Silver City Bound’s New Track

a3386857284_16If there is any doubt about the staying power of zydeco in the new year, Silver City Bound erases all uncertainly and then invites listeners to a piquant barn-burner with their latest, “Peacocking,” in anticipation of the EP Take My Picture.

Evoking the sounds of Graceland-era Paul Simon, Los Lobos and Gram Parsons, New York based Silver City Bound (formerly The Amigos) melds genres of the Americana musical vernacular in hopes of bringing it all back home and down somewhere to cut the rug. With a sound driven by a jarringly poignant accordion and a howling electric guitar, Silver City Bound is provides the perfect soundtrack for roadtripping or simply having a few pals over while making up for lost time.

“’Peacockin’ is what you do when you’re trying to get your game happening,” said Justin Poindexter, Silver City Bound vocalist. “It’s how you move around someone cute. It’s how you dress to impress. It’s that swag, that groove, that mojo or that strut. It’s the distillation of what you can accomplish on a hot night. We wrote this song for all the peacocks out there. Feathers out.”

Silver City Bound’s upcoming Take My Picture promises to offer a living embodiment of the classic roots musicians before them, with a modern spin on the rowdy and raucous sounds of traditional American wanderlust. The EP will feature three original tunes alongside “Peacocking” as well as their rendition of the R&B classic, “Do Right Woman, Do Right Man.”

Take My Picture debuts on March 4 and can be pre-ordered via their Bandcamp site. The group will be celebrating the release of their EP at Barbes in Brooklyn the same day as the release.

– Jake Tully

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