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Exclusive: Javier Colon Shares Emotional “Never Know” From Upcoming Debut on Concord Records

photo by Tony Dube

NBC’s The Voice winner, Javier Colon is certainly no stranger to powerful music that blends pop, rock and R&B to create his signature style. April 15th is the release date for his fourth album, Gravity, which is also his debut album with Concord Records.

Colon hooks you with his voice and the first touch of a piano key in his new song “Never Know”. The throwback to ’90s R&B with his heartfelt vocals and melodies makes this track off Gravity something special for any fan of the genre. It’s nostalgic, relatable, and certainly a song that his ever growing and dedicated fan base will appreciate.

“I get emails and messages from fans, saying that my music has moved them or touched them, or helped them when they were in a dark place,” he has said.

“Never Know” will do just that. Colon’s songs come from his heart, with a desire to move people or make people feel something inside. He co-wrote all but three songs on Gravity, marking a creative milestone for himself and a turning point in his musical journey. It was recorded across the USA in Brooklyn, Nashville, Los Angeles and Utah, as well as Colon’s home state of Connecticut.

Check out “Never Know” below.


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