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Exclusive: Piney Gir Speaks Her Mind On The Indie-Pop Gem, “Yai Yai”

Piney Gir

Piney Gir, a London transplant by way of the American Midwest, says that “Yai Yai,” a track from her latest album, Mr. Hyde’s Wild Ride, could have just as well shared a title with CeeLo Green’s R-Rated, expletive driven mega hit from 2010. What’s got Ms. Gir so worked up, you ask? Well, sometimes the music biz isn’t as glamorous as it seems.

“Yai Yai is not as sweet as it sounds,” she says of the track. “It’s about being a little fed up with all the hard work that goes into being an indie artist, and sometimes it feels like people think it’s just really fun and easy, but it’s hard! I did a whole blog about how it’s hard. Of course, with creativity the rewards are vast, and for that I’m forever grateful, but they are not material rewards in this day and age, and I guess that can be frustrating sometimes when the amount of effort and expense is disproportional to what you get back.”

The video for the recent release is a fun romp through the English country side and into the bars and clubs that made up her 2015 UK tour. The video, as well as the melodic, pop-leaning, head-bobber of a track, points to the tricky conundrum of being an indie artist, that things can appear to be a breeze, but still offer up unseen struggles and challenges along the way as well.

“This song is also about never feeling settled, because touring life is the opposite of being settled, it’s the road less travelled… and the song portrays the difficult balance involved: constantly treading the work/life tightrope, which I think most people – not just creative people – can relate to.” But they video’s spontaneity and joy is real too, she shares, “this tour that the video revolves around was a super-fun time with my band/friends around the UK in September, which is a lovely, sunny, golden month to travel around Great Britain and visit some places; see some new faces and get out there to actively connect with people, which I find very rewarding. For all the uneasiness of constantly moving, and all the effort conjuring up the adrenaline to play a good gig night after night, and all the logistics it takes to make that happen, I do love taking the show on the road and meeting new people. It’s the most grass roots way of feeling connected, and bridging a gap between my music and the people who listen to it. And that’s a wonderful thing that I wouldn’t trade for the world!”

Check out “Yai Yai” below, and for all things Piney, head to her website here.


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