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Exclusive: The Currys Debut Their Radio Ready Track “Firestarter”



Avett Brothers, Kings Of Leon, the National… and the Currys! Rock’s famous family bands had better watch out, because brothers Jimmy and Tommy Curry and their cousin Galen Curry are turning out infectious, radio-ready Americana tunes laden with the tight-harmonies only kin can provide.

For those of us who weren’t invited to the annual Curry family reunion, where, as teens, they first started jamming for some lucky relatives, the boys are about to release their second full length album, West Of Here, a follow up to their 2014 debut, Follow.

When the band began, they stuck close to roots, with a strict focus on heavy harmonies and layered instrumentation of the mandolin and guitar. Now, with a growing fan base behind them, thanks in part to national tours that connect them with listeners all around the country, the brothers are widening their reach, experimenting with new tunes that lean into the sounds of rock and soul. The latest single from their upcoming release, “Firestarter,” exemplifies this new turn, with a sauntering guitar line and jangling keys, the song is rooted by a driving bass-line that makes the song a certifiable jam. The lyrics are sexy and playful, drawn out by the soul tinged lead vocals, “I can dip my mouth in honey, hon/but the sentiment is gonna come from a little bit deeper.”

Keep your eye out for West Of Here, set for release on March 25th, and listen to “Firestarter” below.


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