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The Record Company

Give It Back To You

Artist:     The Record Company

Album:     Give It Back To You

Label:     Concord Music Group

Release Date:     02/21/2016


Give It Back To You marks the full-length debut of Los Angeles-based trio, The Record Company. Taking their cues from more traditional blues and classic rock n’ roll, the group makes no secret of their musical influences, wailing out ballads about cruel women and lonely nights. A healthy amount of snare and slide permeate the album in clear homage to Delta blues musicians like Elmore James and Muddy Waters. A few of their songs, such as “Feels So Good,” invoke more of the bright, upbeat progressive rock of the ’60s. It’s a combination that feels oh-so-slightly reminiscent of contemporary blues rockers, Royal Blood.

The Record Company performs admirably, maintaining a sound that’s clean and catchy. There’s a dose of harmonica by Chris Vos to look forward to in “On The Move” and “Give It Back To You” and some standout bass by Alex Stiff. Vos also proves himself to be a talented vocalist with a rich and textured voice. Despite such a solid pedigree of rock and blues origins, however, there are a few select areas (“Hard Day Coming Down”) which are well-executed but with an air of simplicity that borders on seeming a bit tame. Conversely, I really enjoyed the slow, hazy beat in “Rita Mae Young” and “Turn Me Loose.” Overall, Give It Back To You is a successful undertaking by a band that’s worth keeping an ear to the ground for.

-Leah Dearborn

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