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Exclusive: Brooklyn’s Leland Sundries Warns Against The “Freckle Blues” On Their New Track

Leland Sundries by Nixxi Blanck
Leland Sundries by Nixxi Blanck


There’s no denying it– Nick Loss-Eaton is a busy guy. Tireless music publicist by day, he moonlights behind the mic as the frontman for Leland Sundries, a Brooklyn based band that’s been steadily turning heads, from Time Out New York to the New York Times. Today, Elmore is premiering “Freckle Blues,” a track from the band’s full length debut, Music For Outcasts, which comes out June 3rd on L’Echiquier Records.

“Freckle Blues” is a dynamic track, laced with the kind of careful introspection and intellectual verve for which they’ve become known and garnered comparisons to the Modern Lovers, Silver Jews and even Tom Waits. But unlike their usual bent towards cheekiness, the track cries of- as the title implies- the heartbreak blues. “Freckles on her back felt to me just like home,” Loss-Eaton wistfully remarks with a languid croon, as a guitar wails in agreement.

The track rambles through rumination and regret, picking up in pace during certain recollections, including nods to Loss-Eaton’s own struggle with sobriety; “It’s been 50 days since my last sip of whiskey.” Raw and honest, Leland Sundries makes an impressive foray into the blues genre, with every drop of the necessary emotion to drive it on home.

Listen to “Freckle Blues” below and check out the band’s upcoming shows on their website here.


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