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Matt Nakoa to play MPressFest/10th Anniversary Celebration at SXSW

We encountered Matt Nakoa a couple years ago and lost track, but his performances at Northeast Regional Folk Alliance (NERFA) last fall rekindled our interest. Whether solo or playing with pals Brad Cole and Robinson Treacher, his clear vocals, heartfelt lyrics and catchy hooks kept us ducking into his performances for one more little taste, then staying longer than we intended. The guy’s a tad addictive.

Photo: Mandy Pichler

Recently, at Folk Alliance in Kansas City, we caught up with Nakoa again, and repeated our old behaviors: we’d pop in and overstay our schedule. Shooting the breeze in the hallway, we discovered he’s signed to MPress Records, has a new album coming out in April, and will play SXSW, so I’m guessing he won’t fall back off our radar any time soon, good news for Nakoa and music lovers alike.

Photo by Laura Carbone
Photo: Laura Carbone

More good news for the quarter of a million visitors pouring into Austin for SXSW, MPress turns ten this year, and will hold their birthday party at Soho Lounge, 6th Street, in Austin on March 18th. If you RSVP (, you receive free admission, free food, booze, and live performances, including Matt Nakoa. Expect a full house, so arrive early, and whatever your plans for departure, expect you’ll stay a little longer.

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