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Exclusive: Sink Into Angelic Vocals With Katie Garibaldi’s New Track “Delightful”

Photo by Anna Haas
Photo by Anna Haas
With seven full-length records under her belt and an upcoming EP releasing next month, Americana singer-songwriter Katie Garibaldi is not new to the music scene, but she is most certainly flourishing. For over a decade, the Bay Area artist has been putting out sweet, smooth music that is equal parts old-school pop princess and folk songstress. On her upcoming EP, Rooted Clarity, she focuses mainly on the Americana aspect with melody, choral instrumentals, and roots rhythms.

“Delightful”, the record’s opening track, is slow-moving but weighty, with Garibaldi’s vocals at their most elegant and mature. Beginning with a steady guitar track, “Delightful” slowly moves into additive rhythms like a deep drum beat and angelic harmonies, with Garibaldi singing double hooks “I can’t believe the world is all scary/What if we were delightful?” and “Take these shades off of my eyes and shine/All of the light inside/We could be delightful”. When the crescendos lift during these lines, her voice goes from a throaty quiet to a soaring sweetness.

Listen to “Delightful” below and connect with Katie Garibaldi on her website and Facebook:

–Savannah Davanzo

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