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Exclusive: Stream Edward Rogers’ Eclectic And Poetic New Album, Glass Marbles

Edward Rogers by Melani Rogers
Edward Rogers by Melani Rogers

Little did Edward Rogers know at the time, an odd coincidence perfectly set the stage for his future as a musician; at only 12 years old, he rode the wave of the British Invasion, relocating with his family from Birmingham, England to New York City. Realizing his calling, Rogers set out to make a name for himself behind the drums, until fate once again intervened, and he lost an arm and part of a leg in a subway accident. Undeterred, Rogers redefined himself as a singer and songwriter, and has honed his craft over the years. On March 11th, he’ll release his sixth solo album, Glass Marbles, on Zip Records, and you can stream it now, exclusively on Elmore!

Glass Marbles is at once cohesive and eclectic, a project that was built on a year’s worth of work and narrowed down from over 50 tracks. Along with producer Don Piper, Rogers leapt from one recording studio to the next, drawing on a talented pool of friends to complete the record, including James Mastro (Ian Hunter, Bongos), Sal Maida (Roxy Music, Sparks, Cracker), Dennis Diken (The Smithereens) and many more.

The album kicks off with “The World Of Mystery,” a rambling, folksy tune, with an overlay of harmonica and Rogers’ trademark, gruff around the edges, croon. The tracks are bound by the poetry that Rogers ekes from the simple moments of life; Glass Marbles shines in keen, often bittersweet observations.

“Blackpool Nights” is a cheeky, bellowed ode to the “hazy nights” that offer working men a break from their daily quotidian. “Broken Wishes on Display” offers a catchy cut on heartbreak, while the sweet, longing incantations of “I’m Your Everyday Man” ruminate on the challenges of just trying to get by and find some recognition for your hard work.

Rogers steeps himself in the traditions of folk and Brit-pop, but he crafts a unique sound through and through, all the way to the reverb driven final cut and title track, “Glass Marbles.”

Stream Glass Marbles below and pre-order yourself a copy here.

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