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Exclusive: Cold Beer & Broads Shares A Cheeky, Rockin’ Ode To Their Celebrity Crush

Cold Beer and Broads

Cold Beer & Broads have developed a devoted following for their pedal to the metal penchant for calling it exactly how they see it, even if that means pissing some people off along the way. Take the band name, for example, which doubles down on the group’s commitment to telling the simple truths of life; Cold Beer & Broads, that’s where all the money goes anyways, they figured. The supergroup formed in 2011, when Larry Studnicky got a group of his talented pals together and the music began to flow. Soon, they had their first single, “First Amendment Blues,” with Studnicky playing the role of lead songwriter, Charles Czarnecki on keyboards, percussion, lead & backup vocals, John Macom on rhythm and electric guitars and vocals and Mike DoCampo on rhythm and electric guitars.

Today, Elmore is debuting “Jennifer Aniston (Why Are You Married?),” a song from the band’s upcoming EP release, Six Pack. The guys say of the track, “Cold Beer & Broads have been huge fans of the lovely Jennifer Aniston since some of us were in diapers (which, in our case, unfortunately spans both infant and adult diapers . . .). No matter what generation you’re from, Ms. Aniston is the classic unattainable crush — and we know it, but we still think we can treat her better than she’s used to, and be a better choice for her.  This song is our paean, our love song, to her. Because she’s almost perfect. Whether you’re a guy or gal listening to it, everyone can relate to this song’s sentiments.”

The single is as catchy as it is cheeky, spiked with Devo-esque synthesized panache, and you’ll soon find yourself singing along to the loving, longing chorus. Even the most hardcore Aniston devotees won’t be disappointed by the band’s commitment to biographical highpoints, including a dig at her most famous ex, “why does he prefer tattoos?”

Check out the track below… and then cue up Netflix and get your Friends binge on.

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