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Exclusive: Hear Folk Quintet The Bills’ High-Energy Track “Wonders I’ve Seen”

TheBills-HIRES-behind-colourCanadian folk quintet have been performing together for two decades, touring across America and Europe, and garnering awards and nominations for their early albums. Four years after their record, Yes Please, was independently released, The Bills have finally released their fifth album, Trail Of Tales, on Borealis Records last Friday, coinciding with Earth Day to match the album’s theme of gritty, earthy tones and environmental subjects.

Opening the record is “Wonders I’ve Seen”, a high-speed, harmony-driven tune. Songwriter and lead vocalist Chris Frye gives us the album’s first taste of environmental inspiration, writing the song as a reflection of what he calls “the utter fragility of all of this North American ecological and climatic wonder.” The dance-folk instrumentation full of sophisticated strings and quick beats blends with a choir-like harmony to form a cohesive and catchy roots track. With rapid, repetitive beats pulsing behind the quintet’s varying vocals, the track goes by too fast, leaving talent in its trail.

Listen to “Wonders I’ve Seen” below and connect with the band on Facebook:

–Savannah Davanzo

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