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Exclusive: Hear Freddy & Francine’s Romantic Duet “Tryin’ Hard To Love You”

Freddy %2526 Francine Press 4You probably haven’t seen this much chemistry since your required high school courses. LA-based “soul Americana” duo Freddy & Francine have the type of pull towards each other that transforms individual talent into a collaborative fire, offering lush harmonies and an unspoken romance beyond the lyrics but in the melodies as well. On their upcoming album, Gung Ho, releasing in early June, the couple do what they do best with their track “Tryin’ Hard To Love You”.

Written based on their personal experience together about falling back in love after a professional and personal break-up, the track dances in its honesty. It starts out with a moaning instrumental followed by the first hint of harmony, making way for Francine’s (real name Bianca Caruso) solo soulful vocals asking “Where were you when I needed you to be the only book I’d read?” With wailing, slinky beats and indie rhythms in the background, suddenly Francine’s vocals explode in unison with Freddy’s (AKA Lee Ferris) for a harmonious, vibrant chorus. The whole track is made up of sweeping, anthemic singing and full rhythms that start and end abruptly, alternating an expert type of expectation and anticipation.

Though the track highlights Francine’s versatile, capable voice, “Tryin’ Hard To Love You” teases us with buttery harmonies, expressive beats, and raw emotion.

Listen to Freddy & Francine’s “Tryin’ Hard To Love You” below, connect with them on Facebook, and check out their tour dates here:

–Savannah Davanzo

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