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Exclusive: Noam Weinstein Explores The Possibility of Past Lives On His Catchy New Single, “Last Reincarnation”

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Noam Weinstein by Shawn Feeney


Happy Birthday Buddha! Elmore is celebrating with the premiere of Noam Weinstein’s video for “Last Reincarnation,” the first track of On Waves, the Boston singer/songwriter’s latest effort that was released to considerable fanfare on Leap Day. On Waves marks Weinstein’s ninth record, a small hint at what a hardworking, prolific artist he is. He’s worked with Heather Masse, Sam Sadigursky, Mike Viola, Norah Jones and more, and his song “I Can Hurt People” was featured on Emmy Award-winning Showtime series Weeds. He’s sure to have even more artists clamoring for collaborations thanks to the reception of his latest work; No doubt due to his breezy wit and knack for penning catchy melodies, he’s being compared to Elvis Costello, Randy Newman and Harry Nilsson.

In “Last Reincarnation,” Weinstein delivers a a lighthearted take on possibility of past lives, wondering just who, where and when he may have existed, driving the track home with a cheeky aphorism, “you’re only as good as your last reincarnation.” The video is a collaboration with artist, designer and musician Shawn Feeney, who has composed music for American Repertory Theater and presented work at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Feeney cleverly illustrates Weinstein’s flight of fancy, depicting a swirl of people and animals, from ballerinas and reptiles to soldiers and monkeys– a panoply of possible past lives. Feeney says of the video, “We used the visual device of Noam’s eyes to represent the common “spirit” wearing the unique masks of each incarnation.” Weinstein adds, “I’m not sure if reincarnation is real, but if so it’d be nice to get a bit of credit for my past lives instead of being judged for this one like I’m some kind of earth rookie. Regardless, among the nicer episodes of this go-round has been collaborating with Shawn; I’ve been a fan of his work for many years but this is the first time he’s lent his talents to a project of mine, and I am deeply grateful.”

Watch the video for “Last Reincarnation” below and follow all things Noam on his website here.


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