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Exclusive: Philadelphia’s The Lawsuits Share “Do Ya” off Upcoming Release

photo courtesy of Echo Ave
photo courtesy of Echo Ave


On May 13th, Philadelphia’s The Lawsuits will release their self-produced LP Moon Son via Randm Records. This isn’t a band that’s about to be designated to one specific genre. Instead, the 11 songs on their sophomore release blend rock, groove, pop and more with soulful vocals and instrument playing that highlight their uniqueness.

New fans will appreciate the cohesiveness not only in the music, but also with the members. Songwriter Brian Dale Allen Strouse was introduced to vocalist Vanessa Winters and bassist Brendan Cunningham through a mutual friend. Together, they recruited fellow Temple University alum Josh Friedman (drummer), and then brought on guitarist Joe Bisirri to round them out. Debut album Cool Cool Cool was produced by Bill Moriarty (Dr. Dog, Man Man) and the first single, “Onion”, was chosen as #22 of Daytrotter’s 300 Best Songs of 2013. The members of the Lawsuits have dabbled with many styles and sounds to create who they are as a whole. And they certainly don’t ease you in as a listener- they grab a hold and reel you in quickly. This band is the real deal.

Listen to “Do Ya” off the upcoming Moon Son below. Strouse says :

“‘Do Ya’ went through a bunch of phases because it was difficult for us to figure out how we wanted to record the song. It went through different transformations, leaving us with what we think is a unique spin on an emotional track.”

If you like what you hear, catch them on the road and tell them in person. They’ll be in Philadelphia tonight for a hometown celebration.


-Brenda Hillegas

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