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Exclusive: Republican Hair Debuts “I Don’t Care” in Election Year

Mystery Group Gets Funky


Republican Hair – fronted by an anonymous ringleader – isn’t about the specific musicians, but about the music and stories told through visuals and sound. “The anonymity of the logo-with its missing face-is the perfect visual metaphor for this idea,” the frontman said. “We can fill that shape with all the randomness of the world, but not with the faces of the band.”

The project was inspired by the current election cycle in “all its pro-wrestling-style glory, ” and partly by close friends, one in particular whose hair has been considered “Republican” his whole life.

After an overdose on the Internet and his iPhone, Republican Hair experienced some kind of “short circuit that resulted in up-tempos about the apocalypse, the nature of courting, and advice on how to act at parties, amongst other things.” By design, each song on the upcoming High and Tight album was written and recorded in 6-8 hours, almost like a tweet of artistic expression.

Republican Hair’s debut song, “I Don’t Care,” is catchy, funky and so upbeat that it’s hard to resist getting up and dancing. “I’ve always had a soft spot for apocalyptic songs,” he said. “Everyone has to pull their head out of the sand and at least briefly entertain the idea that the sun is going to have its last hurrah, if humans don’t destroy it all before that.” “I Don’t Care,” is a gum-chewing soundtrack to getting lost in it. Turn it up and tell the apocalypse, “No biggie.”‘

The full CD, High and Tight, will be released mid-June. Republican Hair plans on touring in select cities.

You can listen to the funky debut single “I Don’t Care” below. It is also currently available for purchase on iTunes.

– Emilee Gorshe

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