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Exclusive: The March Divide Delves Into “Primitive” Pop With Their New Video

march divideSaturdays is a fitting name for the latest project from pop-rock group the March Divide, because you can guarantee that San Antonio based Jared Putnam is workin’ on the weekends. Putnam, the driving force behind the band, has produced quite the body of work in the last three years alone, releasing two full albums and three EPs to satisfy a rapidly growing fanbase. But Putnam’s not out to break any records, it’s just what he does. “I didn’t set out to write an album so soon after the last,” he admits, “but I never really stopped writing.”

Today, Elmore is exclusively premiering the video for “Who Are You,” bringing you some Saturdays action before the record drops on May 13th. The entrancing video and Putnam’s lyrics prove that honesty doesn’t have to be complicated. He echoes that sentiment, noting, “I think the emotional attachments we feel for songs are primal, so maybe the more primitive the approach, the more likely people are to connect.”

The up-tempo, jangling pop melody contrasts with the siren-like dancer in the video, who writhes and beckons to our protagonist while bathed in a shifting kaleidoscope of colors. “Forever was never part of the plan,” Putnam sings, which in a sense speaks both to the necessary contradictions of any relationship and the process of developing as an artist. We want to maintain the good parts of the status quo, but we’re fluid beings, and we need to grow and change.

Check out the video for “Who Are You” below, and preorder Saturdays here

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