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Hayes Carll

Lovers and Leavers

Artist:     Hayes Carll

Album:     Lovers and Leavers

Label:     Hwy 87/Thirty Tigers

Release Date:     04/08/2016


Grammy-nominated for “Best Country Song” in 2015, Hayes Carll is back with Lovers and Leavers, a highly anticipated ten-track album that was also produced by Grammy-award winning producer and musician Joe Henry (Emmylou Harris, Bonnie Raitt).

Carll’s slow, deep voice is very serious, and he tells tales, as most weathered country musicians seem to do. The songs are sweet and somber, and as Carll says, it’s an album that comes closer to his private reflections as a musician and songwriter than any other record he made. After five years without an album release, going through a divorce, and falling in love again, this is a very personal album for Carll.

“Good While It Lasted” stands out on this album, and perfectly describes Carll’s truthful style in music and lyrics. “My Friends” and “The Magic Kid” are also highlights in this stellar album. Lovers and Leavers isn’t funny or raucous, Carll has said: “There are very few hoots and almost no hollers….”

It’s what he says next, though, that makes this album very much worth more than just a few listens. “…But it’s joyous and makes me smile.”

—Brenda Hillegas

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