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King Mud

Victory Motel Sessions

Artist:     King Mud

Album:     Victory Motel Sessons

Label:     Alive Records

Release Date:     02/05/2016


Sometimes, great things come out of random collaboration. King Mud collaborated with Van Campbell from The Black Diamond Heavies and Freddy J IV from Left Lane Cruise to create Victory Motel Sessions. They joined together in LA, California for what’s described as a “marathon jam” that produced to some serious, rich hard blues. Radio Moscow’s Parker Griggs jumped in on two tracks, “Smoked All My Bud” and a great cover of the Trogg’s “I Can Only Give You Everything.”

Rough and dirty, this album has few frills and still manages to satisfy, like the hit from a shot of moonshine. Guitarist Freddy J IV doesn’t seem to like ballads much and that’s to their credit. All of the songs were produced with no sacrifice of soul or swagger. “Suzy’s Cookies” could easily be the big hit of the album and I’m lovin’ the bluesy piano and sweet harmonica. These songs would feel right on many hard rock radio stations; they’re that rich, filled up with the heavy feel that’s having its own resurgence.

There are riff-happy burners like “Rat Time,” the Wilko Johnson cover of “Keep It Out of Sight” and twangy jams like “Back It Up.” There’s enough here to please electric guitar fans no matter which side of the Mississippi River you’re from.

– Laura Sedor

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