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Wild Man Fischer

An Evening With Wild Man Fischer

Artist:     Wild Man Fischer

Album:     An Evening With Wild Man Fischer

Label:     Gonzo Multimedia

Release Date:     01/29/2016


Produced by Frank Zappa, this double album of a cappella, spoken-word pieces and field recordings of L.A. street performer, Wild Man Fischer, is one of the strangest records from the sixties. Relying on simplicity and repetition, it’s obvious that Fischer was expressing himself despite a lack of musical training. This is the very definition of “outsider music.”

However, many of the tracks here are catchy and can even be described as garage rock gems, like “The Taster” and the Doors-esque “Circle.” Never before released on CD, this bizarre record can be a fun, lost classic for diehard fans of the likes of Zappa and Captain Beefheart.

– Keith Hadad

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