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Willie Nile

World War Willie

Artist:     Willie Nile

Album:     World War Willie

Label:     River House Records

Release Date:     04/01/2016


Tighter ‘n leaner in sound and intent than rock n rollers half his age, Willie and his rowdy, rust-shaking, roof-raising road band – kick-ass guitarist Matt Hogan with musclemen Johnny Pisano and Alex Alexander on bass and drums, respectively –  stir up a the good fight on World War Willie and deliver, unlike our gods and generals, a joyous, clangorous victory.

Nile has always known and been directly plugged into the undeniable and invaluable power and  truth of two guitars, bass and drums and the opening salvos “Forever Wild,” “Let’s All Come Together,” and the pounding, pogo-sticking, Greenwich Village rockabilly sing-along “Grandpa Rocks” proves this world war to be one that Nile and his loud rocking army are set to win. The namesake track, “Hell Yeah,” and the sadly triumphant “When Levon Sings” only proves why we’ve grown to rely heavily on Nile these past 40 or so years to deliver the rock n roll music and jolt we all need getting from points A to B.

– Mike Jurkovic

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