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Exclusive: Matt Haeck Shares Sweet and Slow “Cotton Dress” Off Upcoming Release

photo courtesy of Echo Cave
photo by Mick Leonardi

Stories of struggles fill Matt Haeck’s upcoming debut album, Late Bloomer. He sings genuine tales brought forth by his personal battles with addiction, depression, divorce and other demons. Unfortunately, it was through a stint in rehab, a relapse and a second attempt that inspired the music on Late Bloomer. A positive side in everything though, Haeck’s sobriety took a hold and his sense of purpose, music, returned.

“Cotton Dress” is a beautiful, Southern song that really shows off Haeck’s lyrical talent. Nashville’s stunning Caitlin Rose is featured here and together she and Haeck create something truly special. It’s without a doubt a standout track in a collection of songs that are already beautifully arranged.

Haeck says, “Cotton Dress is a song I both did and did not mean to write. It started as an exercise and an attempt to write a song that would be gospel-ish, four-part harmony, and a cappella. At first I didn’t really mean for it to even be a song. I was just dusting off my old college music major part-writing chops. But once I started writing the lyrics, I sort of lost myself in this story of forbidden love at long last finding consummation through a death. Maybe because I hope that for myself (well, not the death part!). At any rate, it’s interesting how beauty can rise out of tragedy. The song morphed many different times before settling in the duet with Caitlin Rose. That’s as close to perfect as I’ll ever make it.”

Listen closely below and be sure to pay even more close attention to Haeck’s entire album on June 3rd.

-Brenda Hillegas

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