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Exclusive: Steal Away Debuts Music Video for “Flower Shop”

Featuring Brooke Ehlert on Vocals

Chris Babers, Matt Babers, Brandon Martin,


Steal Away formed nearly a decade ago in their hometown of Tucson, Arizona, and from the start, it was an intimate affair– brothers Matt (on drums) and Chris Babers (on guitar) recruited their childhood best friend Brandon Martin (bass) to jam, and the rest is history. Leaving their hometown, the brothers spent a few years traveling up and down the West Coast before finally finding a new home amongst the burgeoning pop-rock sound of San Diego, CA. Before long, they began collaborating with local artist Brooke Ehlert (vocals), and knew they were on to something great. Now, the band is making a name for themselves with their unique sound, blending elements from blues to pop, rock to country and everything in between. Steal Away will sweep you under their SoCal spell with melodic overtones and infectious harmonies.

Today, Elmore is debuting the video for “Flower Shop.” The inspiration for the track came from the band’s personal adventures– like their major decision to pick up and relocate to San Diego. Ehlert’s gentle voice blends with the deeper, male vocals to create a breezy, romantic contrast. The simple lyrics and melody are infectious– catchy enough to get stuck in your head for the rest of the day, as the video itself will transport you to the beach, letting you lose yourself in a relaxed, summertime daydream.

Matt Babers says of the track, “The one thing we really wanted to get across when we were writing the song “Flower Shop” is that sometimes, no matter how scary something may seem, sometimes you just have to go for it anyway. Whether it’s moving to a new city, singing a new song, or just giving some flowers to the girl you have a crush on, you’ll never know what could have been if you don’t just go for it. Action conquers fear, and for us, an ‘Oh well’  beats a ‘What if?’ any day of the week.”

Check out “Flower Shop” below.

– Emilee Gorshe

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