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Exclusive: Stream The Divine Cut, “God Part III” From Tommy Womack’s Latest Record

Serving up the pious tongue-in-cheek wit that only a true son of a preacher man can deliver, Tommy Womack’s latest record, Namaste, is barnburner meets burning bush. With Womack’s track ,“God Part III” the Nashville singer-songwriter debuts a rowdy yet awfully endearing elegy to growing up in the church and coming to terms with the Bible in one’s older years.

With a rollicking tic-tac bass and jocular slide guitar accompanying him, Womack presents his interpretation of the scriptures in a way not unlike a sermon, albeit one that is wholly deconstructionist. Much like Dave Alvin’s recent work, Womack is pleased with his more contrarian findings and it’s quite palpable on record.

Photo Credit: Anthony Scarlati
Photo Credit: Anthony Scarlati

“I’m a preacher’s son,” said Womack. “I grew up so deep in the Bible Belt, I never knew there was one. I thought everybody went to church three times a week and worried all the time about going to hell. You grow up and that stuff sticks with you. As an adult I wanted to find out the real stories behind the Biblical tales. I developed an abiding in the real historical Jesus, and what we can really know about him. Most of what I found out is in this song.”

“God Part III” is certainly something to get folks rising up from their pews, and scratching their heads while they’re at it.

Womack’s Namaste comes out June 24. For more information and tour dates, visit Womack’s site.

– Jake Tully

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