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Exclusive: Stream Young Mister’s Charming New Video, “Pasadena”

Young Mister by Sabrina Heise


Not since Jan and Dean waxed poetic about the town has Pasadena received such a pleasant and uncomplicated ode than in Young Mister’s latest track about the city. Young Mister’s “Pasadena” is a winsome tune with an equally delightful video accompanying it. Helmed by songwriter and vocalist Steven Fiore, “Pasadena” is an irresistible slice of twangy-tinged pop that stays as humble as it does charming.

The video for “Pasadena” paints the all-too familiar scene of misguided karaoke in a dive bar replete with cheap beer and even cheaper company. As “Pasadena” unfolds, there turns out to be more substance to the bar than it seems. Underscored by the cognitive dissonance Young Mister’s sweet lyrics the scene uncharacteristically transforms into less of a spot that one ends up at and more of a destination altogether.

The latest from Young Mister plays like an early Weezer tune if produced by Tweedy, emotionally slicing through the ephemera of kitsch-rock and heading towards a palpable bend of Americana lust. Simple and melodic, “Pasadena” is a powerhouse of a guilty pleasure that surpasses any guilt and maximizes on the pleasure.

Young Mister’s self titled debut comes out June 24 and can be pre-ordered through refresh record’s site. Young Mister will play a record release show on Jun 18 at Royal American in Charleston, SC. More information can be found at Young Mister’s site.

– Jake Tully

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