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Elephant Revival


Artist:     Elephant Revival

Album:     Petals

Label:     Itz Evolving Records

Release Date:     04/01/2016


The energy and dynamism that emanate from Petals— Elephant Revival’s fourth full-length studio album– is a tuneful, folkadelic and slightly spiritual musical experience. Hailing from Nederland, Colorado, Elephant Revivalʼs singer/songwriters Bonnie Paine (washboard, musical saw, stompbox), Bridget Law (fiddle), Charlie Rose (banjo, guitar, cello, horns, double bass), Dango Rose (mandolin, banjo) and Daniel Rodriguez (guitar, banjo) are committed to both music and spreading social consciousness. Hence, references like the earth, sky, water and elements of the human spirit like loss, hope and transformation are reflected throughout the album.

With its folk, celtic, symphonic and Americana elements, Petals showcases Elephant Revivalʼs musical transformation in which succinct lyrics, soothing harmonies and vibrant rhythms paint a rich musical landscape. The opening track, “Hello You Who,” is a calm, melodic song accompanied by Bonnie Paineʼs silky vocals that complements the chord instruments used. “When I Fall” is reminiscent of a gospel melody that conveys a message of hope. The songʼs lyrics invite for introspection and positive resolutions as the group sings: “We start where we find ourselves, in heartbreak, doubt and pain. Itʼs here, within these walls, that we transcend and begin again.”

In like fashion, “Sea Monster” develops organically into a crescendo of instrumentation and mystical energy that
captivates the listener. Petals integrates themes and musical influences that have shaped Elephant Revivalʼs identity and practice. The album sheds light on the beauty of transformation and cycles captured in the harmonies of each song.

-Tracy Montes

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