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The Security Project

Live 1

Artist:     The Security Project

Album:     Live 1

Label:     7d Media

Release Date:     05/10/2016


Gloriously uplifting and filled with a baptismal sense of immersion and transformation, Peter Gabriel’s solo works are prone to powerful, unpredictable mood swings. Not always so emotionally sunny, they can be sinister and unsettling, mysterious and odd. Leave it to Jerry Marotta and Trey Gunn to reinterpret them with a reverential and nuanced- yet playful- homage in the Security Project’s captivating new concert album Live 1. Familiar with every nook and cranny of the source material, having recorded and toured with the former Genesis frontman, Marotta is one of the driving forces behind the all-star collective, born out of a burgeoning friendship between the drummer/percussionist and the uniquely talented Gunn, King Crimson’s resident touch guitar wizard.

While the absence of Gabriel’s transcendent theatrics is felt, the Security Project avoids So or anything after it in an insightful, intimate exploration of Gabriel’s earlier recordings. Whether traversing the sparse, alien soundscapes of “Lay Your Hands” and “The Family & Fishing Net” or getting swept up in the spiritual groundswell of “Biko” and “I Have the Touch,” they employ the technical skill and subtlety of co-conspirators Michael Cozzi (guitarist, Shriekback and Sky Cries Mary), David Jameson (keyboards) and Brian Cummins (lead vocals) to dig deep and nail every detail.

Somehow, like Gabriel, the Security Project’s performance strikes the right esoteric balance between the tribal groove of world music and the inscrutable logic of the best progressive rock in warmly recreating the cool, liquid dream of “San Jacinto,” the jarring tension of “Intruder” and the sweltering jungle of “The Rhythm of the Heat.” Gabriel would approve their Security clearance.

– Peter Lindblad

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