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Exclusive: Ana Egge & The Sentimentals Debut An Alluring Video For “Spider”


Ana Egge has a worldliness that’s hard to describe, but somehow seems deeply ingrained in her being and her art. Born in Saskatchewan, Canada, and raised by a teacher and a wheat farmer in a 50 person town in North Dakota, she went on to spend her early years travelling through New Mexico, finding her way in Austin before beginning her musical journey full force in New York City. Though she has an unforgettable voice, she has never been afraid to allow her musical expression to transcend not only genre but also nation, and her musical journey has been similarly rooted and rootless, working with a world-class line-up of artists bolstering her along the way, from Shawn Colvin and Iris Dement to Ron Sexsmith and Steve Earle. Her latest album, Say That Now, carried her all the way to Denmark, where she recorded with electric folk-rock trio the Sentimentals, finding with them a sense of hygge, a Danish word that means welcome, warmth and camaraderie.

Today, Elmore is premiering the video for “Spider,” a track from her latest release. The video is a cool spin around the studio, a fluid walkthrough with winks and hints at the recording process, from a full on shot of the sound board to a close up of Egge’s lyrics sheet, covered in scratches and scribbles. Shots of Egge at the mic and the band rockin out mingle with footage of the band together at rest on the couch, listening back to their hard work and, it seems, enjoying the fruits of their labor. The tune starts out with the familiar southern rock wail of guitar, but Egge’s vocals burn with a plaintive lure, like the creature of the song’s title. Egge says of the track, “Have you known anyone in your life that has no remorse? Who does nasty, manipulative and sometimes horrible things and still are somehow convinced that they are the victim? What if it’s just their nature? A spider spins a web to catch and kill to survive. It’s just their nature.” Egge walks into the studio in cowboy boots, but goes barefoot while recording, just as she easily slides from her innate Americana leanings into an unexpected new space. Her voice is at once vulnerable and powerful, winsome and deadly.

Buy Say That Now via iTunes here and watch “Spider” below.


Catch Ana on a limited tour through Europe and the East Coast, more info on her website:

6/27 – Copenhagen, DK – Tivoli Gardens
7/1   – Vestergade, Aarhus, DK – Vestergade 58
7/2  – Ebeltoft, DK – The Old Malt Factory
7/14 –  Cambridge, MA – Club Passim
7/15 – Galway, NY – Cock ‘n Bull
7/16 – Wanakena, NY – Wanakena Town Green
7/19 – New York, NY – Rockwood Music Hall
7/20 – Buffalo, NY – Sportman’s Tavern
7/21 – Rochester, NY – Abilene Bar and Lounge
7/22 – Toronto, ON – Hugh’s Room
7/23 – Russell, ON – Few Acres House Concert

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