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Exclusive: Dolly Shine Debuts Their Gritty New Country Album, “Walkabout”


Dolly Shine is the Americanized version of an old Spanish phrase that means, in a nutshell, “go for it.” That’s exactly what singer and guitar player Zack McGinn and fiddle player Wesley Hall did in 2010 when they founded the band, and that’s what they’ve been doing ever since, establishing their voice as they went along. Through various incarnations, Dolly Shine has always swung for the fences, shooting up the Texas Music Charts and building a reputation in the Texas music scene their give-it-all-they-got performances. With the edition of Johnny Goodson on drums, Jerrod Flusche on lead guitar and Ben Hussey on bass, the line-up was set, and the guys set out to make their most ambitious record to date, the brand new LP, Walkabout, which drops on June 17th.

Today, Elmore is streaming Walkabout, a nine song EP that finds the five piece comfortably gliding between country, bluegrass and rock n’ roll. In the teaser for the album, which you can watch below, the band talks about the intense collaboration that went into the release. “[Walkabout] is gonna show all sides of what we do,” McGinn says. “Everybody has been influenced by so many different styles of music and everybody in this band individually brings something different to the table, so all of that combined into one is us.”

The album is an outlaw’s journey across America, down dusty roads and into dive bars, encountering seedy characters and beautiful women, all while wrestling with the demons of the mind. Things start with a pulsing, electric shot on “Blackbird,” but soon female vocals enter into the mix on the country classic “Come Out Swinging,” a cheeky and touching commentary on how too much whiskey can talk you into giving that old flame one more chance. Hall’s fiddle shines on the bluegrass touched “Rattlesnake, a sonic bridge towards the lonesome, gritty growl of “Snakeskin Boots.” As drummer Johnny Goodson says, “We saw the vision and we built it, but we did it all as a group.” “I come back down to Texas, down here y’all know my name,” McGinn intones on “Hitchikin.” With releases this filled with spitfire, soon the whole world will know the name Dolly Shine.

Watch a video about the making of Walkabout and then stream the album below! Pre-order a copy on iTunes here.


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