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The Mighty Orq

Love In A Hurricane

Artist:     The Mighty Orq

Album:     Love In A Hurricane

Label:     Connor Ray Music

Release Date:     05/20/2016


A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… Kidding, of course! But the high school nickname Josh Davidson employs for a stage moniker does make you think for a sec that the force may be with you. And then you find out that indeed it is. Those drawn in by the curiosity get rewarded with one powerfully moving song after another throughout Love In A Hurricane. Mighty Orq at times calls to mind the voice, and even the styles, of fellow Texan, Malford Milligan, helming the fabulously soulful rock band, Storyville. Also like Milligan, Orq’s the real deal times three. Out there since 2002, he’s released seven albums and an instructional DVD for Resonator guitar. But this is his widest-ranging statement so far, and it has it all—great original songs in stormy, sexy, Texas T for triumphant performances.

A peal of guitar lights up the requisite gale-force intensity of “Sweet In Between,” the perfect opener, but one that really doesn’t set a tone. Instead, the longtime-seasoned Orq quartet (the leader in voice and on various guitars with bassist Terry Dry, drummer Jimmy Rose and keys player Barry Seelen) takes the listener on a journey. Following that hard, bluesy opener, they dive into the complex, driving soul of “Falling Down,” crunchy guitars still well in abundance. Then the title song reveals a flowing, gentler side. That sets up “Carry Me Home,” the band’s pinnacle. A sweeping masterpiece, the song shows off Orq’s incredibly supple voice in the brightest light, and allows the full quartet the room to move in all kinds of ways through rock hard soul as if butter. Near the end there’s a chill bumps swampy version of Son House’s eternal “Death Letter Blues,” another profound reason why Mighty Orq exists in a world of his own.

-Tom Clarke

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