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To Emmylou: A Tribute to Emmylou Harris

To Emmylou: A Tribute to Emmylou Harris

Artist:     Various Artists

Album:     To Emmylou

Label:     Fleeing Ghost Records

Release Date:     06/03/2016


This is not a greatest hits release. Although Emmylou Harris is absolutely deserving of such a release, To Emmylou is just as much about these emerging artists as it is about the folk singer herself.

Ten rising Los Angeles based  bands make up this tribute to the multiple Grammy award-winning singer and songwriter. The team at Feeing Ghost Records felt that because Harris has been known for uniquely covering songs throughout her career, it was fitting to offer her the same treatment.

Emmylou  Harris is great! The ability to discover some up-and-coming bands is fantastic. Also, the fact that this is the debut release from  Fleeing Ghost Records helps establish the labels’ name in the music industry. Overall, this is a solid effort both because of content and production.

Standout tracks include “Timberline” from the Silver Lake Chorus and “Boy From Tupelo” by Wires in the Walls. Ashleigh Flynn covers “Red Dirt Girl,” and proves she’s a voice to watch out for in the bluegrass scene.

Though it’s hard to top the originals, especially songs by the incredible Emmylou Harris, this tribute is worth grabbing. Some might be hesitant due to the unfamiliar bands on the compilation, but nevertheless, To Emmylou is filled with the passion, talent and dedication that encompasses Miss Harris herself.

– Brenda Hillegas

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  1. From the first glimpse of TO EMMYLOU, this Tribute Album is a keeper! One can’t help but embrace the concept art of the cover followed by the awesome music played by diverse and uniquely talented up and coming bands. This album is clearly a labor of love to honor the song-writing f Emmylou Harris. The honor is shared with every track. Each, filled by welcomed new voices. This record, from label Fleeing Ghost, is a true collector’s gem.