Exclusive: Francie Moon Mixes up a Brew of Garage Rock and Surf Pop For “Walked Away”

Francie Moon pic

The phrase DIY gets thrown with eye roll inducing frequency these days, ringing less of a counter-cultural, damn-the-man aesthetic and more of a commodified punch line. But for New Jersey based singer/songwriter Melissa Lucciola, who performs under the moniker Francie Moon, DIY is alive and well– not only a way of life, but as the only way- for now- that she can devote her life to doing what she loves. “I set up my life around music,” the young artist confesses. In order to spread her work to cafes, coffee shops, bars and back porches across the country, she’s shared rides with strangers, hopped trains, hiked and hawked items to save up for a van of her own. She’s made albums and t-shirts by hand and moved her own merch, making friends and music all along the way. As Moon continues to work on a full length debut and build her catalog of songs, she’s getting set to release an EP, Francie Moon, on September 23rd. Moon’s drummer, Richie Samartin, recorded the album’s trio of tracks live on a tape machine in their home state of NJ. Later, Samartin and Jon Irizarry (who both also added their own backing vocals) mixed/mastered the album, fleshing out the initially sparse sound with additional layers of guitar and vocals.

Today, Elmore is premiering “Walked Away,” a track from the upcoming release. Moon says of the song, ““Walked Away” is an ode to a love in my heart, a song ship sailing on the always changing seas of an ambitious musician, an ever loving breakup of muses while wishing, losing, loving and hoping for the forever glowing fire of friendship, no matter the circumstances. In short, growing apart for the purpose of growing closer.” There’s something immediately infectious about the track; it’s as if Moon has run a swirl of recognizable elements through her garage-rock gristmill. The galloping drums and steady pace of Adam Pumilia’s bass recall ‘60s surf-rock, met with fuzzy lo-fi recording that rings of grunge. Then, of course, there’s Moon’s full throated, girlish croon, which quickly spirals into a snarling and shouting incarnation of Zooey Deschanel’s twee vocals, twisted and fried into a wicked brew.

Listen to “Walked Away” below, and connect with Francie Moon through her website.

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