Tune in to Paige Calico’s Harmony Laden Brand of Cosmic Folk

Paige Calico by Henry Diltz
Paige Calico by Henry Diltz

When the echo of Laurel Canyon beckoned her westward, Paige Calico packed her bags and hit the road, making the cross-country journey from her then home in Maine. But Calico arrived with more than a suitcase; she turned up in town with a just finished EP, completed as the miles ticked away on the open road.

It seems fated that Calico moved to California, because though a native East Coaster, born and raised in New Jersey, her music was already colored by ocean air and good vibrations, a heady mix of harmony laden “mystic alternative Americana.”

After arriving in Los Angeles, she took her time putting her debut record together, spending six months with Devon Geyer (of the band Decorations) to fine tune the EP’s six, all original tracks. Set for release on Friday, September 23rd, The Hard Way also features photography work by the legendary Henry Diltz.

Today, Elmore is premiering “On The Ground,” a track from the upcoming debut. “I’m often nostalgic when it comes to love,” she tells Elmore. “This song has that feeling for me. Its tempo and lush harmonies make it feel uplifting, but there’s a hint of melancholy. It’s for when you’re feeling down, but you luckily still have someone that cares about you and sticks it out.”

The neo-folk tune is a sweet shuffle, driven by exuberant handclaps and the shimmer of tambourines. Calico’s gauzy, ethereal vocals lilt towards twee, but aren’t overly precious as they flirt with the infectious, impressive melody. Geyer’s sweep of drums and the airy strum of Dylan Zmed’s mandolin buoy the track, like the pick-me-up power of love; “bein’ on the ground ain’t bad when you’re around.”

If you’re near LA, head to her album release show tonight, 9/21, at 8pm PT at The Bootleg Theater. Snag tickets for the show here, connect with Paige on Facebook or her website and stream “On The Ground” below.

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