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Bob Dylan (sort of) Breaks his Silence on Nobel Prize

Bob DylanNews that Bob Dylan had won the Nobel Prize for Literature sent the world into a tizzy– well, except for one notable person… Dylan himself.

The legendary musician, currently on tour in Oklahoma, broke his silence somewhat tangentially to Edna Gunderson of UK outlet, The Telegraph, who was long scheduled to interview Dylan about his upcoming art exhibition, “depicting iconic images of American landscapes and urban scenes,”  at the Halcyon Gallery on London’s New Bond Street.

Gunderson broached the topic, and got a half answer, which, to be fair, is still better than the Nobel Committee has received. (They’ve received radio silence, to which a member of the Swedish Academy responded by calling him “impolite and arrogant.”)

When she asked him if he’d attend the awards ceremony in Stockholm, he replied, “absolutely… if it’s at all possible.” Hmm. So we’ll note that down as a solid “maybe”?

In her article, Gunderson, who’s interviewed him several times over the past three decades, offers this interpretation:

“…for all the speculation over the last two weeks about the reasons behind his blanket silence on the Nobel award, I can only say that he is a radical personality – which is why he has remained of so much interest to us over six decades since he first emerged on the Manhattan music scene in 1962 – and cannot be tied down, even by the Nobel Prize committee.”

Read The Telegraph article here.

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