Hear the Loving Mary Band’s Incendiary Track, “Where There’s Fire”


The Loving Mary Band provides us guys and gals with something we may not get all too much these days – some excitable country music that gives the listener a kick in the seat of their pants. The Nashvillean group’s latest, “Where There’s Fire,” is an absolute barnburner that couldn’t make dancing around the flames any more fun. A lively yet condemning jaunt, The Loving Mary Band is certainly here for a good time – and by the sounds of it, a long time.

“This song is kinda like breaking up with someone and going to Church all at the same time!” said The Loving Mary Band lead vocalist and bassist Rebecca Lynn Howard.

“Where There’s Fire” is a rollicking preview of the group’s forthcoming sound, and what exactly a polished group can do with a little bit of hellfire and a great deal of soul. Having appeared on stage with the likes of Steven Tyler, The Loving Mary Band have cultivated a country-roots sound grounded with a tinge of gospel. It’s as uplifting as it is damning, but it’s a damn fun time to listen to regardless.

The Loving Mary Band’s record, Little Bit Of Love, drops on October 28th on Round Hill Records/Sony/Red. The group is set to play a hometown show on October 19th in Nashville, TN at Aurora, with more tour dates coming soon. To pre-order the record via iTunes, visit the album’s page. For more information on the band, including upcoming shows, visit their site.

– Jake Tully

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