Phil and Lu Share a Beautiful, Haunting Video for “Oh, My My”

Phil and Laura Stancil by Greer K. Bratschie
Phil and Laura Stancil by Greer K. Bratschie


What happens when the younger generation of a family band grows up and leaves the nest? In the case of siblings Phil and Laura Stancil, who grew up playing with their parents at folk festivals and local spots around their hometown in Michigan, that musical passion would never leave them. Moving to Venice Beach, CA, the siblings became Phil and Lu, carrying their talents into adulthood in a new form. Not only does their closeness seep into their sound, which recalls the spacious, harmony driven west coast folk-rock of their childhood heroes, from Neil Young to Joni Mitchell, it also proved a boon to their recording process. The duo wrote and recorded their debut, Mood Rock, in a mere month, playing all of the instruments themselves. 

Today, Elmore is premiering the video for “Oh, My My,” one of the first songs the siblings finished for Mood Rock. Phil says of the piece, “”Oh, My My” always has always had a lonesome, secluded vibe for us, so we wanted to get out of Los Angeles to shoot the video –  somewhere with a slower pace and colder air. We camped and filmed in Idyllwild, up in the San Jacinto Mountains over the course of couple evenings.”   

Phil takes lead on the track, his moody warble akin to Ryan Adams and bolstered by his sister’s ethereal harmonies. “Lately I’ve been stripping off the skin of past lives,” he sings, echoing the video’s motif of masks, and the way we can change, and become a stranger even to ourselves. The video is colored by the natural beauty and gauzy lighting of the landscape, which, like the song, is stunning, but vast, with a hint of loneliness around the edges.

Phil and Lu’s Mood Rock is out now. Pick up a copy here and follow them through on Facebook. You can catch the pair performing live in and around Los Angeles throughout the rest of 2016, including shows on  October 27th at TRiP at 9:30 pm and on November 5th at Hotel Cafe at 7 pm. 

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