The Deltahorse Debuts a Simple but Mesmerizing Video for “Call It a Day”


The Deltahorse started out as one part band, one part musical experiment; each member of the trio lived in not only a different city, but a different continent. Founder and bassist Sash hails from Berlin, ex-Morphine saxophonist Dana Colley lives in Boston and singer Vadim Zeberg calls Belfast home. Despite the fact that the three bandmates have never actually been in the same place at the same time—yep, you read that right—they’ve seemingly surmounted the improbable with the release of their debut full length, the appropriately named Transatlantic. Strangely enough, the loosing of typical, geographical constraints has allowed the men to forgo other conventions as well, building something that is sonically unique, yet remarkably cohesive, swapping tracks back and forth, building them and tweaking them until all three were pleased with the result.

Today, the band is premiering their video for the “Call It a Day.” Bassist, Sash, tells Elmore about the project, it “is based on the one-shot concept… The aim was to make a video that is fully guided by singer Vadim Zeberg’s facial expressions, with no additional background happenings to distract the observer’s attention. There’s always a certain risk of one-shots not working out, but the Deltahorse aren’t looking for easy answers, just the questions that burn. Consequently, “Call It a Day” turned out raw, plain, spirited and with a sense of humor—the surprise here is that actually nothing’s happening. “Some wait for buses. Some wait for trains. I wait for rain.” The surprise is there’s no surprise in here.”

Indeed, though the video is a simple one-shot in black and white, there’s something impossibly intense about having someone sing a song directly to you, and it certainly doesn’t hurt that the husky voiced singing head is all smirk and smolder. It’s an epic, bizarre track, rooted in steady percussion and deep, driving horns that create a funky groove. Two-thirds of the way through, it switches to full on dance-mode: “call it a day now, call it a day now, call it a day. Turn off the phone, switch off the light, let’s get carried away.”

The Deltahorse’s Transatlantic was released on September 30th on Slower Faster. Connect with the band on their website, Bandcamp and Facebook, and check out the video for “Call It a Day” below.


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