Firebug Blends Optimism with Blistering rock ‘n’ roll fury on “Strange Days”

Firebug courtesy of the Koral Young Group
Firebug courtesy of the Koral Young Group


Firebug, a psych-rock duo made up of frontwoman Juliette Tworsey multi-instrumentalist Jules Shapiro, was born in Chicago and raised in the Silverlake neighborhood of LA, but didn’t find its truly unique and powerful voice until it landed in New Orleans.

Visiting the city for the first time before Hurricane Katrina, Tworsey and Shapiro were astounded by the wealth of music that the city had to offer, and when they relocated, they became street musicians in the French Quarter, swapping tricks of the trade with other talented artists. Now, the resilience and optimism of New Orleans is infused in their tunes, which find influences in a number of genres– soul, ’60s/’70s rock and ’90s alternative, to name a few – but all strive to send a message of optimism.

This December, the band will release their latest full length album, Homeostasis, which was co-produced by Chris Goss (Queens of The Stone Age, Arctic Monkeys).

Today, Elmore is premiering “Strange Days,” the third single from the band’s upcoming release. The duo says of the song, “[it] is an attempt to garner a simple assessment of the world around us from the perspective of an onlooker, one who has a strong desire for escapism from the daily woes and struggles of the average person. It is also a step back from a world that appears, on the surface, to be increasingly divided and polarized to extremes. In that reflection comes a certain acceptance that even though the world may not always make sense, we push on and do the best that we can as we approach yet another day.”

Tworsey’s deep, throaty rock ‘n’ roll croon adds a sense of power and uplift to the track, emerging from the swirl of electric guitar and smashing drums. “Keep my head above the sand, just trying to do the best that I can,” Tworsey sings with an earthy fury, raging above the carefully paced track.

For more information on Firebug, follow them on Facebook and Twitter, and check out their website and Bandcamp. Listen to “Strange Days” below.


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