New Jersey Indie-Rockers, N​GHTCRWLRS, Debut an Incendiary Jam


Frank DeFranco, Eric Goldberg, Max Rauch and Brian Goglia are NGHTCRWLRS. Based out of New Jersey, they guys met at jam sessions while busy with other bands in 2014. They quickly recognized their creative compatibility and formed the indie-rock project, putting out their self titled LP not long after. With their sophomore effort, Raging Hot, out this Friday, November 11th, via Sniffling Indie Kids, the boys are poised to make waves on a national scale.

Today Elmore is debuting “Fear and Greed,” an incendiary track that starts out slow, but lets loose and devolves into a gnarly jam. Strained vocals press into melodic guitar and a Strokes-leaning bassline. Suddenly, halfway through, the track breaks down into a distorted chaos, wailing guitars reflecting the band’s political message.

“Fear and Greed” is about modern capitalism, an ideology that almost all Americans from a very young age are taught to respect and believe to be intrinsically good. The issue is that no single economic ideology is intrinsically good. Any system without true checks and balances can be corrupted, especially one in which success is fueled by greed. No system is pure without proper balance and more people each day speak out in a growing resistance to a flawed absolutist vision of an American ideal.”

Follow NGHTCRWLRS via their website and Facebook, and catch them on tour—dates below.


November 10th: New Haven, CT
November 11th: Lowell, MA
November 12th: New Brunswick, NJ
November 13th: Brooklyn, NJ

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