Rock out to Nerves Guitarist Jack Lee’s Rabble-Rousing gem, “I’m Gonna Have Fun”

Jack Lee by Catherine Sebastian
Jack Lee by Catherine Sebastian

TGIF! No one better to get you in the mood of the weekend than singer/songwriter/guitarist and pop-punk provocateur, Jack Lee, who formed the Nerves in 1975 with bassist Peter Case and drummer Paul Collins. Lee was the songwriting force behind one of the group’s biggest hits, “Hanging On The Telephone,” which blew up after Blondie recorded a version for her 1978 release, Parallel Lines. In 1981, several years after the trio disbanded, Lee released Jack Lee’s Greatest Hits, Vol. 1, featuring new material as well as reworked recordings of “Hanging On the Telephone” and other Nerves songs.

In the years that followed, Lee dropped off the map. Greatest Hits went out of print, and little to nothing was heard from the artist. Now, over three decades later, Lee’s work is being ushered back into the spotlight for a new generation with a 2-LP anthology, Bigger Than Life, slated for a November 25th release via Alive Naturalsound Records.

Today, Elmore is excited to premiere a track from the anthology, Jack Lee’s infectious, rabble-rousing gem, “I’m Gonna Have Fun.” Ramones-like in its rhythmic intensity and simple, shoutable lyrics, it’s a care-free mantra for the hard-partying, rebellious kids of any generation. “I’m gonna have fun no matter what I gotta do/no matter how drunk I gotta get,” Jack snarls over a raucous drum beat, “I’m gonna raise hell and make an ass of myself/I’m gonna have fun!”

Order the limited edition, starburst vinyl here and read more about Jack via the Alive Naturalsound’s website. Rock out to “I’m Gonna Have Fun” below.

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