SASO Shares “Looking For Eliza,” a fun, Flamenco Influenced Track

SASO by Oh Jee Nam/Rhombi Survivor
SASO by Oh Jee Nam/Rhombi Survivor

Jaime Saso is a worldly guy. Born in Panama to an American mother and an Israeli father, he moved to a suburb of Dallas when he was young, but as soon as he could, left Texas to travel the world. Taking up the musical moniker, SASO, each new song he writes is colored by the adventures he’s had, be it studying flamenco in Granada, taking in the sights of India, or exploring the Himalayas. Now, he’s getting ready to release a debut LP, The Levee, on January 20th, featuring a dozen tracks that are informed by the legendary singer/songwriters he admires—Bob Dylan, Ryan Adams, Townes Van Zandt—and form a travel journal of this intrepid, wandering spirit.

Today, Elmore is premiering “Looking For Eliza,” a track from his upcoming debut. He says of the song, “I was walking along the Ganges River in Varanasi, India, wondering where my friend Eliza was (we were sans cell phones), and I started singing this song in my head. It was still stuck in my head when I got back to the hotel, so I grabbed my guitar and wrote the song. For me, it captures the excitement you feel at the beginning of a new relationship, all of the anticipation, and also some of the inherent doubts.”

It’s an infectious track that clocks in at barely over two minutes, all the while bursting with upbeat guitar that straddles the line between the fervor and intonation of bluegrass and Flamenco. SASO isn’t afraid to be a little silly with his lyrics– “looking for Eliza/swinging like a monkey from tree to tree”—trusting his warm croon to imbue the track with passion and sincerity.

Connect with SASO on his website or via Facebook and Twitter. Preorder The Levee on iTunes here and listen to “Looking For Eliza” below.

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