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Artist:     Handgrenades

Album:     Tunnels

Label:     Self Released

Release Date:     11/04/2016


Detroit-based indie band Handgrenades just dropped their latest album Tunnels, and I’ll be honest right off the bat. Quite frankly, I didn’t expect to love it. Through the first listen, I kept thinking the band sounded like Coldplay meets the Killers meets the Foo Fighters. Now, don’t get me wrong– all three of those bands are great in their own individual ways, but I long to discover more than just carbon-copy bands who don’t put their heart and soul into their music.

But then, the more I listened to it, the more I got into it. I focused on just the drums, or just the vocals. I did this for each instrument and realized that everything – musically, vocally and lyrically – not only sounded tight and carefully created, but also meshed extremely well. Their alternative/pop/rock sound hooks the listener from the very beginning, and the songs only get better as you progress deeper into the album.

I’m obsessed with the album’s first single, “The Watcher.” The drums are incredible, and the song has an almost-sexy vibe to it. The up-tempo tune, “Suffocating,” boasts an edgy guitar riff and haunting lyrics that make it stand out from other songs on the record.

Even though a song may sound peppy and happy musically, the lyrics don’t necessarily have to correlate, which forces the listener to take a deeper look into each song. That feature is one I certainly appreciate. I’m a big fan of listening to an album obsessively, then catching a cool melody I hadn’t noticed, or realizing what the lyrics actually mean about 100 listens into the record. That’s the full package, and I think Handgrenades execute that very well. Be sure to give this album a listen – or 100.

-Erin Medley

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