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Keith Jarrett

A Multitude of Angels

Artist:     Keith Jarrett

Album:     A Multitude of Angels

Label:     ECM

Release Date:     11/18/2016


Gifted with an immediate and boundless melodic understanding, Jarrett’s live, improvised solo excursions from any period of his long career are legendary, and never fail to reward listeners with a bounty of quietly energetic and fiercely soulful music.

Jarrett pulls his improvs from every musical current. So a blues vamp on the left hand may accompany a right hand conjuring of Bach or Fats Waller. Then, on a dime, he’ll reverse and invert, invent and re-imagine and still garner generous ovations from Italy’s grand concert halls in Torino, Modena, Genoa and Ferrara. 1996. Four discs recorded by Jarrett himself with a portable DAT recorder, these are the last concerts performed before Chronic Fatigue Syndrome kept him from performing for several years.

This set may not hold the unique moments and fascinations that have made past sets– La Scala, Koln, Sun Bear, Bremen/Lausanne, Radiance– the time honored performances they are and deserve to be… but it fully illustrates how amazing it is that so much music, so much human communion, can pour freely forth from one man.

– Mike Jurkovic

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