Jono Manson Shares Appreciative Message in “Wildflower” Video


Performer and producer Jono Manson portrays his decades of experience in the music industry via The Slight Variationsa record that was released on October 14th. It tells the story of his career in the NYC music scene as a songwriter, performer, sideman, recording engineer and producer. To this day, he remains busy recording and producing other musical projects. He also is the chief engineer at The Kitchen Sink Recording Studio in Santa Fe, where he recorded much of Slight Variations.

Manson wanted assistance in creating a video for one of the songs on Slight Variations. He approached a group of young filmmakers in Albuquerque, NM, “Eyes Align Entertainment” and invited them to pick a song that spoke to them.

“They chose “Wildflower” and wrote a treatment for the video in which a father is so engrossed in his work, which he needs to do in order to support his young family, that he has barely any time to be with them,” Manson says. “When I read it I thought to myself: ‘Damn! These kids have been spying on me…this is the story of my life these days.'”

Director Emilia Edwards also describes the video and meaning of “Wildflower” by saying, “I wanted the video to portray what I heard in the music – a relatable story of appreciating your loved ones. The allegory or undertone was, for me, that we don’t always take the time to do that, even though we know we should.”

Watch the video for “Wildflower” below and visit Manson’s website for more info.

-Brenda Hillegas

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