The Revelers Reveal “Nobody Would Know” from Upcoming Swamp-Pop EP

photo by Sandlin Gaither
photo by Sandlin Gaither

This is the music that takes you back. It’s true Southwestern Louisiana culture. Play the Swamp Pop Classics Volume 2, out tomorrow, is the Revelers’ love note to a time period when people danced the night away to honky tonk, soul, rhythm and blues.

You’ll also hear a lot of Cajun and zydeco sounds in this EP, as well as in other “swamp pop” songs. It’s a very unique genre that originated in the late ’50s and early ’60s when the Cajuns put their spin on the popular songs they heard on the radio. The Revelers, a Grammy-nominated supergroup formed by members of the Pine Leaf Boys and the Red Stick Ramblers, bring out the spirit of swamp pop in this latest release.

As for the reason they chose to include “Nobody Would Know” on the EP, the Revelers say:

“‘Nobody Would Know’ is an obscure ballad we found on an old Warren Storm recording. Warren is widely known as the “King of Swamp Pop,” and is an outstanding vocalist and drummer. The tune was written by Robert Thibodeaux and powerfully sung by Warren on an old ATCO 45 released in 1968.  This is not your typical 6/8 swamp pop song as it has more of a 4/4 ballad feel, and with a heartfelt vocal by our own singing drummer Glenn Fields, it finds new life.  We tried to keep our version sparse like Warren’s, but we put the guitar upfront with a stirring solo feature from our own Chas Justus – with a tip of the hat to Memphis Blues of the early 1960s.  Blake Miller played his accordion through a ’60s Leslie speaker to emulate the classic swamp pop organ sound.”

-Brenda Hillegas

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